How To Be A Great Landlord

How To Be A Great Landlord

Getting a mortgage to buy an investment property is a great move towards financial security for your future but to protect that investment, you need good tenants giving you a great rental return.

To attract the best possible tenants who stay in your property and love it like their own home? It helps to be a fantastic landlord.

Try these tips to manage your investment properties (like a boss).

6 Ways to Help Your Tenants Feel Welcome


1. Welcome them to the neighbourhood

Creating a handy welcome pack is an easy but meaningful way to make your tenants feel right at home in their new neighbourhood.

It can be as easy as putting together a leaflet collection of local takeaway restaurants, as well as some fridge magnets with details of local garden maintenance businesses, appliance repair services, or promo offers from other local businesses – such as a local hairdresser. A coffee card with a couple of free coffees paid for at the local café is another easy way to make people feel happy and welcome.

2. Write them a welcome note

Leaving a brief note to welcome your new tenants to your property, including details about any special features, plus information about the night the rubbish bins are collected, plus any local council information about hard rubbish collection dates, is one easy way to say ‘welcome home’.

3. Leave some toilet paper in the bathroom

Do you remember how exhausting moving house is?

Imagine how handy leaving a six-pack of toilet paper in the bathroom could be to someone who has just spent all day packing and unpacking boxes and hasn’t got the energy to traipse to the supermarket for that all-important item.

5. Respond to their issues

No matter how well-cared for a property is, maintenance issues do occur. And when they do, it’s important to respond quickly to sort the problem. After all, how would you feel if your tap handle fell off and didn’t get out back on for several days?

By being the landlord who attends to maintenance issues quickly, it sends the message that you care about your property – and that you want them to as well.

6. Rules matter

There are many legal responsibilities you have as a landlord and you need to follow the rules – just as you expect your tenant to follow their own legal obligations and responsibilities.

Having your property professionally managed by a reputable real estate agent is always recommended.

Remember, your tenant is your client – make sure your dealings with them are professional. Social media can be a powerful tool these days and you don’t want your dodgy property issues to be the next viral youtube sensation. It’s important to respect their rights as your tenant – as long as they are on the lease, it is their home, not yours.

Being a great landlord shouldn’t be a chore

Basic politeness and good manners can be a great foundation for a positive landlord/tenant relationship.

Each state has its own regulatory body that outlines specific rules and regulations – talk to your local real estate agent to make sure you understand yours.

If you have any questions about maximising your potential to invest in more property and build a significant property portfolio, talk to your trusted mortgage broker to see what you can achieve to help create a solid future for you and your family.


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