5 Landscaping Tips To Add Value To Your Property

5 Landscaping Tips To Add Value To Your Property

We spoke with experienced horticulturist, Nursery & Garden Industry Australia representative and creator of online gardening resources Hortiman and Hortipedia, Matthew Carroll, to find out his top garden tips for improving your home’s value.

Lawn definition

Mowing your lawn goes without saying – doesn’t it? But edging it is another story…

But the truth is that, taking the time and effort to create the look of a well-defined lawn gives the impression that your property is low-maintenance and tamed, something that makes it easier to care for.

So next time you think about trading that time spent edging the lawn in your yard or nature strip for an afternoon on the couch with the TV on, think again. Time spent taking care of those edges could add value to your property when it’s time to sell. Creating a neat edge is reasonably easy – use a sharp spade to cut a clean line between the lawn and your garden bed. If it’s all too hard, look into other physical barriers, such as brick, timber or stone.

Use plants to solve problems

If your neighbours can see into your property, use plants to add privacy. It won’t be an instant fix but it will happen over time – something that will create a very different looking home for you to enjoy in the long-term, or a smart way to ensure added value in the future if you ever put it on the market.

Your local garden specialist will be the best source of advice – helping you choose plants that are suited to the orientation, your soil and the local climate. And if you’re in a hurry, you can invest in installing more mature trees or hedging for a faster fix.

No more weeds

Nothing says ‘nobody loves me; more than a garden full of weeds.

Yes, it’s time-consuming but if you don’t have the patience, invest in a local gardener to do the work for you – or pay your children, if you have them.

Time spent on weeding and also mulching your garden beds will help maintain a neat, low-maintenance look and add value to your home. Talk to a professional landscaper or the experts at your local gardening centre to choose the best-looking, low-maintenance mulch to suit your garden.

Not too many plant species

Less really is more.

Rather that clutter your garden with an explosion of species, creating an orderly, low-maintenance look can be achieved by clever use of a small selection of species. Choose plants suited to your local environment and if you know that regular watering is not a favourite thing to add to your ‘to-do’ list, choose drought-tolerant plants that will be hardy and hassle-free.

Strategic diversity in plant selection (talk to your local specialist) will help the plants look after themselves naturally – and keep pest infestations to a minimum. Consider flowering times so that your garden features colour and interest all year around.

Lay some new lawn

It’s a relatively easy way to add a neat new look – lay new lawn.

Certainly, if you’re selling your home and need it to have an almost-instant spruce-up, laying new lawn is the way to go but make sure you understand the investment. It will cost you money to do but if it adds value by attracting buyers and helping your home look its best, it’s well worth it. Choose a lawn type that suits your soil and climate and for a cost-effective option, consider Kikuyu – usually about 50% more affordable than popular Buffalo grass. Fixing patches in an otherwise good-looking lawn can be done with some extra seed and some lawn food. It won’t happen overnight but it will look better over time.

Remember – clever landscaping tricks can’t be cobbled together in one weekend. Planning a great looking garden takes time – and some effort. If you’re doing the work to add value before selling, make sure you create a garden renovation schedule to ensure you do the important work in time for the first open for inspection (and those all-important marketing photos).

If your plan is to renovate your garden to create a better home for you, consider refinancing your mortgage to give you access to the funds you need to get the job done properly. It’s an investment for the future.

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